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100 Day Project

Tuesday, Feb 21, 2023 at 6pm 
Prairie Arts Center


A 100 Day Project is a commitment to doing something every day for 100 straight days. 100 Day Projects are profoundly personal and powerful. You choose the area of your life that you'd like to work on. You decide how much time you are able to give. You make the rules.


 100 DAy Project1

The 100 Day Project Challenge is a Stillwater community support system for anyone wishing to do a 100 Day Project. Local organizations will be offering support, direction, opportunities and community for five different categories of projects: making, reading, health and fitness, volunteering, and local exploration. You can find a list of all participating organizations on the Visit Stillwater website. There will be a 100 Day Project exhibition at Modella Art Gallery on July 20-22 to celebrate the community-wide creative experience. 


FEBRUARY 21st 6pm - 7pm.

Prairie Arts Center will offer a free, introductory presentation to spark ideas and create a community of participants in February. There will also be a 50 day check-in gathering at the end of April. Participants will be encouraged to share their journey through social media outlets though it is not required. We hope you join us on this transformative journey!  #1x100SWO



For the making category of the 100 Day Project Challenge, participants choose a creative project to commit to for 100 days. Projects can be a series (one watercolor postcard or photograph every day) or cumulative (create a quilt in 100 days, spending 30 minutes on it each day). There will be  a 100 Day Project exhibition at Modella Art Gallery in July 20 - 22, 2023, to celebrate the community-wide creative experience. 

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